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We are grateful to you for sharing your experience and reasons for supporting OCW

November 14, 2018

“I took linear algebra on iTunes University with Gibert Strang. He was just great! I’m so thankful for having had the chance to take HIS course. Ever since I went to high school I am a big fan of mathematics. Thank you so much, Gilbert! “-- Christoph


“It is a platform where anyone can get free knowledge without any process/discrimination.“-- Kunwar


“Thank you for sharing the educational systems at a level for anyone to improve on their educational needs and desires. Some learners need the knowledge that enable the learner to reinvent themselves and to pursue their dreams.”-- Derrick


“Thank to you guys and Professor Gilbert Strang, I had my best linear algebra courses here. Hope MIT will continue providing OCW courses.“-- Anonymous


“Thank you for this opportunity to learn! My very small gift is a token of my appreciation and a seed I am planting in hopes that I shall learn from the courses and be able to support on a larger scale once my finances allow. I appreciate MIT and OCW.”-- Anonymous


“Really appreciate these courses.”-- Jay


“This ambitious project is a real beacon of light in the world!”-- Lawrence


“Opportunity.”-- Anonymous


“Thank you very much for all your team did.”-- Anonymous


“I am an IT/Electronics technician reaching the end of my career. I will be retiring at the end of next year. Understanding and wring Dijkstra's BP is, sort of, on my work bucket list.”-- Johan


“I thank MIT and Professor Vandiver for teaching me Engineering Dynamics! :)”-- Peter


“Discrete Math, Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Intro to CompSci via Python and to all the MIT professors, I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful content and making it open. Love from India!”-- Jerwin


“I refer MIT Lectures for anything when i have doubt for. Thanks to MIT.”-- Indraneel


“I discovered recently the online courses, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have first level education from my own country, so I hope more people can join, specially in places where good education is hard to find.”-- Anonymous


“Like many others, I am a lifelong learner who appreciates the quality Opencourse content provided by MIT. The worldwide dissemination of educational material is definitely something I can stand behind. Please keep it up!”-- Daniel

More heartfelt feedback on what OCW means to our learners and supporters

November 14, 2018

“MIT OCW provides course content which were teaching in  classrooms on MIT campus. That gives the opportunity for the people in the whole world to learn in-depth science and technology from the top research institute MIT. “-- Yuying


“Did a fine course”-- Anonymous


“MIT OpenCourseWare is an excellent resource for learning. Thank you so much for making all the awesome content available for free! Keep up the good work!”-- Anonymous


“I am very grateful to the availability of high-quality classes MIT OCW provided to the world. Please keep up the generous idea. Thanks!”-- Hidayat


“You provide top notch service! Thank you”-- Abe


“By education and learning new skills which is not in everyone's reach but wish to have, OCW provides an excellent platform. I believe my Moral duty to contribute.  In India we call it Sarva Jan Hitay Sarva Jan Sukhay”-- Rutvij


“I feel there are so many MOOCs out there just trying to milk the public and people who are striving to improve their lives, while one of the world's finest institution is trying to help those same people for free.  I think it is noble and worthwhile.”-- Ralph


“I like to support the good cause”-- Sayeh


“It is pleasure to attend courses taught by MIT professors. MIT OCW is doing commendable job by eliminating digital divide. The comfort of learning on your own and easy access to such courses make OCW respectable. “-- Neeraj


“The lecture courses presented are recorded well and very professionally produced. The lecturers appear to care about the presentation of the material to both the in-class students as well as the people watching. The materials are topical and interesting!”-- Satish


“You are doing a great job. Even though I am 70 years old I am regularly going through your video lectures in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Physics, Each lecture  Teaches you some fine point I didn't realise 50 years ago. My Best Wishes.”-- Shrikant


“I believed OCW to be the future trend for many to enhance their skills and knowledge. May this widely known to the whole world included the third world countries.”-- Anonymous


“MIT OCW helps me a lot.”-- Anonymous


“OCW has been a tremendous educational support in my life. I am literally redefining my understanding of science and mathematics through OCW, edx. If it was available 90s, early 2000, it could have transformed me bit early. OCW is a boon. Plz sustain this!”-- Anonymous


“I am overwhelmed with your spirit of serving the societies.”-- Anonymous


“Thank you so much for the amazing courses! I learned a lot.”-- Anonymous


“Top-rated classes for free. 'Nuff said.”-- Anonymous


“I have now home taught myself 18.06 Strang, 6.002 Agarwal, 8.01 and 8.02 Lewin.  And worked through many other bits and pieces.  My appreciation for math and science has never been better. Thank you. “-- Anil


“My hope is to get back into academia after many years away, and I couldn't do it without the learning that I am receiving through OCW.”-- Anonymous


“With OCW I can attend classes at MIT without physically be there :)”-- Luqmaan


“MIT free courses had a huge impact on my education and still do so, hopefully one day I'll be able to pay back”-- Anonymous


“When I studied engineering, MIT was Valhalla.”-- Anonymous


“It gives me an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of the world.”-- Sanghapriya


“OCW is awesome. I really like the calc III course and created a companion website to assist people with it. Thanks so much for your courses!”-- nate


“I am a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University. I heard about MIT's open course ware program and immediately began listening. I hope to one day earn a graduate's degree from MIT.”-- Ryan


“I study every day using wonderful MIT lectures. The best I have ever seen.”-- Antonio Luiz Brandao


Thank you for your uplifting thoughts on OCW

November 14, 2018

“MIT OCW provides every learner across the globe, great opportunity to access high quality knowledge, anytime, anywhere.”-- Mutasem


“OCW has taken a huge step towards making high quality education accessible to all. I believe this will allow aspirants from low income backgrounds to pursue opportunities that will improve their livelihoods and those of many their work will impact!”-- Anonymous


“We regularly borrow from OCW course material for developing and/or teaching our courses. Such a program should be supported by all.”-- Anonymous


“A wonderful resource for the Global community.....Thank You!”-- Gary


“I am going to ‘take’ a class and feel that I owe the professor something.“-- Anonymous


“I learn to program with OCW 6.0001x and 6.0002x, I am really surprise by the quality of MIT content both theory and practice. By this MIT is allowing me to be more prepare for the future.”-- Dalryn


“MIT is a renowned institution. And the capacity to share education through OCW is a great opportunity to improve education all around the world. Thus, leading to better understanding of nature and peoples. What can be a better goal in life?”-- Arnaud


“I have always loved mathematics so now enjoy the Linear Algebra lectures.  It is like being in the lecture theatre again, back in university days.  It is as essential to us at our time of life as it is to the young.   Long may it continue!”-- Anonymous


“I wish I should have met  MIT OCW the first time I know online course. With those famous MOOC platform turning into profit-oriented while providing light-weight courses, MIT opens its real class experience to the world. Couldn't be more grateful!”-- Anonymous


“Thanks to Dr Strang and his famous linear algebra course on OCW”-- Anonymous


“From basic to advanced topics, all sort of content is available at the OCW, to everyone.”-- Gabriel


“It is quality content, interesting and plain fun.”-- Eduardo


“I have recently joined a small private university. Given this privilege, I want to do my best to share knowledge with students so that this next generation of scientists is equipped with the critical thinking and practical skills they will need.”-- Anonymous


“OCW offers world-class education resources to anyone interested. I think this is an amazing effort to democratize knowledge.”-- Anonymous


“I'm 17 years old learner who had left off school when I was 13. In Korea it's difficult to get any free resources or information I want (or translated). Thank you for raising me up when I was in hard moment. To learn something was my only option.”-- Junghoon


“I am an active retired senior. I've been learning all my life and intend to continue learning in my retirement. OCW is a wonderful initiative and a great opportunity to learn and to refresh knowledge. OCW enables learners.”-- Anonymous


“I have immense gratitude towards each and every individual associated with the MIT OCW from its inception to its current state. Education needs to reach more and more people of the world and MIT OCW gives a window to some world class education.”-- Anonymous


“Knowledge is an asset that belongs to everyone, now MIT is one of the institutions that is leading the edge... for sure, with complete success.”-- Anonymous


“OCW is and has been an excellent resource for me and has assisted me with my job, thank you so much MIT! “-- Anonymous


“A very good initiative by MIT. Happy to contribute a drop of water in the big ocean. “-- Imtiaz


“Education is a need to survive along with food.”-- Kancherla Seshagiri


“I am an Engineer and I find MIT OCW a valuable source of knowledge for my occupation. I audited several MIT courses and I am grateful they made it available online.”-- Aleksey


“MIT OCW has given me the opportunity to get a first class education on subjects I am curious about for free. MIT is helping make our dreams of a future where first class courses are available to anyone anywhere, for free.”-- Jacob

So much great feedback - we can't fit them in one update! Thank you!

November 14, 2018

“Your Web is amazing. Thank you so much for the offering. I search youtube and want to learn Stochastic Differential Equation. I found the videos from Dr. Choongbum Lee and Dr. Peter Kempthorne.  They shared very insightful ideas about this subject.”-- Anonymous


“Since many years the Linear Algebra courses of our department are based on OCW 18.06. Professor Gilbert Strang's books and video lectures are a constant inspiration for teachers and students. Thank you Professor Strang! Thank you MIT! “-- Manfred


“My dream is to become physicist. Thanks to OCW, I could little by little step towards the direction of my dream. After six years, as a graduate student in physics, now I do experiment with Max Planck Institute and NASA.”-- SungNam


“Sharing your extraordinary educational resources in a truly democratic way is inspiring. I am having lots of fun perusing the materials and I am glad that I can give back to MIT and help enable others learn. “-- Niko


“I find it helpful in studying computer science without having a long collegiate academic background.”-- David


“OCW has helped me tremendously during my own homeschooling period, and most importantly, kept me going in my long desired route of Computer Science! Kudos for all contributions from MIT!”-- RuiLong


“Siempre ha sido mi sueño estudiar en el MIT, sin embargo no puedo hacerlo por que eso representa un costo y un esfuerzo muy grande.  La plataforma OCW me acerca a clases en video en diversos temas con profesores de nivel mundial sin tener que viajar. “-- Eduardo


“So far my learning experience with MIT OWC has been on par with my previous Uni/College in class learning. Fantastic, Invaluable.”-- Malcolm


“Have learned a lot from Professors Lewin and Strang, and the photography course as well. The Sciences are not dry and mechanical (as they are unfortunately often taught), but living embodiment of the wonder of Nature. Thank you for sharing the wonder.”-- Vishal


“I believe that what MIT did, having made the top-notch education available to everybody, was incredible. Cannot overestimate it.”-- Slava


“I studied vector calculus and differential equations through OCW, and I want to thank OCW for providing me with an excellent quality material to study by myself without any burdening financial cost. This has been a truly amazing resource for me.”-- Hyun Seok


“Everyone everywhere in the world should get and accesses to education.”-- Rueangyot


“The last two years of my high school education was entirely from OCW - Physics, Maths, and Computer Science! It was truly fantastic and I enjoyed the experience so much! Now I am studying Physics at the University of Oxford, and I have OCW to thank for :)”-- Tejas


“I am a Chinese international student at UFV, OCW strongly helps me to preview my class and complements my study. I am not rich, but I really appreciate MIT's idea that sharing their high quality education resource with everyone. Thank you!”-- Anonymous


“Multivariable calculus is the reason I know how to make Completing the Square meaningful for my Algebra II class. “-- Anna


“Reasonably priced education at excellent schools (BS, MA, MBA, JD) in the 60s and 70s allowed me an escape from poverty and drudgery--costs today are so much higher--OCW allows highest quality education at the right price to motivated students.”-- GAry


“Using this platform to teach myself pure mathematics and computer science. Thank you to all those involved in the maintenance of this great website.”-- Roger


“OCW has let us an insight into MIT courses and has surely helped me in learning a lot.”-- Anonymous


“OCW is very helpful for everyone, from students who want to get an MIT perspective to professionals wanting to learn a new field. It was especially great during a period of underemployment, helped improved my skills. “-- Anonymous


“I believe that knowledge sharing is essential to build competences, skills and social awareness. The work done by OCW is worthwhile to support.”-- Filomena


“Its admirable that MIT is so unselfish with their knowledge and allow those of us who want to learn to do so at our own pace for free from a very famous institution”-- Armando

We're grateful for this wonderful feedback from our supporters.

November 14, 2018

“Great place to audit serious courses. Love it!!” --James


“I am Computer Engineer, with a BSc EE & MS CE. I work to solve diverse and convoluted problems and OCW is my resource for all of that. It is my tutor for science and music. It is a great initiative.” -- Jawwad


“I wish I could have stayed in college longer and taken all the classes.  OCW helps!”-- Elliot


“If there is a future, this is part of it.”-- Nelson


“It provides high quality education of most important subjects such as math and science. Many people are not privileged to even dream of studying at MIT, however, they can access the same lectures and learn the same content if they really want. Equality.”-- Albert


“OCW makes the knowledge be reachable to everyone, everywhere, and every time. Thank you.”-- Yutiwadee


“Every time I want to learn a concept, I turn to OCW. I am always indebted to OCW!”-- Anonymous


“Great tool to learn from class A professors”-- Anonymous


“in so many places in the world people lack access for quality educational resources, we owe it to hungry minds to keep this going ...”-- Anonymous


“Thank you for all the useful course materials. I learned a lot from them. “-- Anonymous


“If massive online courses are books on the bookstore, OCW is like the grand library where you can find the most abundant knowledge to explore. Besides, for university education, I think it's good to let the student watch the lecture video beforehand.”-- Anonymous


“As long as OCW continues, there is no excuse! And I have no reason not to give something, anything - to help!”-- Sonya


“I love professor Gilbert Strang and his course-18.06. OCW helps me a lot in learning machine learning techniques. Thanks a lot!”-- Yazhou


“I work as design engineer in a multinational company. I strongly believe in the OCW mission due to positive result on my career. Courses are very interesting and helps me a lot in understanding perfectly difficult subjects. I strongly recommend OCW TO ALL!”-- Mihail


“I’ve received engineering internships at respectable companies because I had put a few courses I took at OCW in my resume.“-- Bill


“MIT OCW is super helpful and will surely continue to be so for me in my quest for knowledge. I hope more and more classes will be made available in video forms in the future.”-- Hanqi


“OCW means to share and spread the knowledge to every corner of our planet, wherever you find and whenever you want, for a much too better world.”-- German


“I have shared your OCW content with my Electronics students on semi-conductor physics and chemistry.  The quality and energy of your professors along with the amazing course content is inspiring.”-- Glen


“I learned too many great course from MIT OCW. It deserves the donation for making so many great courses free of cost. Hope to see newer open courses on OCW.”-- Sarvagya


“MIT OCW has helped me from high school into college to enjoy learning chemistry, mathematics, and physics and to deeply understand the concepts. The lectures were incredibly engaging and I have enjoyed watching every single one. “-- Amir


“MIT OCW material is one of the best internet-based set of learning resources I have ever found. Thanks so much for making this available!!”-- Robert


“Thank you for everything. “-- Jose


“OCW played a big role in my journey to become a software developer.”-- Srikanth


“You make Lifelong Learning possible. Thank you for the comprehensive level and diversity of courses.”-- Catherine


“As a high school student, OCW is really helpful when I want to learn about something my school doesn't teach. “-- Jamin


“Post such evolution in all aspects of life, Best pedagogy must be freely available even to the underprivileged.”-- Anu


 “There is a place on earth where knowledge is made available to those who want to invest their time and head. It's a wonderful opportunity to everybody, young and less young like me. I deeply thank the Institute for giving this present to mankind.”-- Anonymous


OCW supporters are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your reasons for supporting OCW.

October 29, 2018

"Between MIT & Stanford (Stanford Engineering Everywhere) I've received a decent start to an education." —Adam


"I was a liberal arts major in undergrad and started studying math at the graduate level this fall -- thanks to the full three-part Calculus course from OCW (via EDX, with live support from MIT) and Linear Algebra as taught by Dr. Strang on OCW!" —Anonymous


"The quality of teaching on OCW is amazing. I really enjoy the Physics and Math courses here. The knowledge I gain from here imparts a depth and clarity to my teaching." —Anonymous


"Filtering educational material from trash and making it available for free." —Antonio


"I just believe in MIT being generous and continue to support the people who don't have the chance to study more." —Cheng Beng


"Education, in any form, helps to mold and stabilize lives. I was an elementary school teacher and principal in Northern NSW and have been involved in many special education cases." —Glenn


"I have no story to share yet but as a amateur mathematician this program OCW is well worth funding.  I wish it continued success." —Gregory


"I really appreciate the opportunity to have access to MIT sources and broaden my education. Thank you!!!" —Hakob


"The best courses ever." —Hao


"OCW is a wonderful resource for life-long learners.  I am grateful that I have free access to so many fascinating topics taught in-depth by world-class instructors." —Joel


"Education free for all." —Khaled


"I have seen that OCW has very good courses. I haven't taken any of them but I plan to take the Linear Algebra class by Prof. Strang. That will help me in my Data Science journey." —Lokesh


"This is the present and future of education." —Matías


"What MIT is doing through OpenCourseWare is simply revolutionary in educating the world - I use it every day in improving myself continually. A visionary effort to change the world through open education!!!" —Mehmud


"You are doing a great job and I think I have to support it to have continuity." —Miguel Jose


"I can't thank MIT enough. Great community spirit." —Musie


"Unlike other moocs, I really feel like I am attending the class and that the expectation is high. That makes it more challenging, and I also enjoy the high quality content." —Onur


"I strongly believe in education, and I have taken many classes from MIT OCW, new subject or a refresh for work.  Thank MIT OCW." —Phuong


"Thanks for sharing courses with us. I have learned linear algebra, probability and so on...thanks a lot!" —Qing


"The educational opportunities from MIT OCW are fantastic! They open the door to endless learning opportunities - incredible! As a life long learner, I have now learned that OCW is my lifelong friend. You need to try this, you are gonna love it!" —Roger


"Thanks to MIT OCW, millions of young minds around the globe, who aren't fortunate to have access to the best schools in the world, can now learn using some of the world's finest study material from MIT's curriculum. It's a wonderful gift to humanity!" —Saurabh


"Dr. Strang's courses are really good. Thank you for having these available online." —Suraj


“OCW helped me through my undergraduate engineering years and is still continuing to do so now during my postgrad. Keep up the good work!” —Traiko


“As a student, I have been benefiting from online education. I admire MIT's effort to democratize the world's education system, and I hope MIT to be one of the pioneers in this objective. The donation might be small, but I want to be part of it.” —Xiaoyang


“OCW is AWESOME! Thank you very much!” —ZeFei

More thoughts from donors on supporting OCW

October 22, 2018

We're so grateful to OCW supporters and this feedback inspires our team. 


“I'm a middle age engineer sharpening my pencil.” — Adamae


“I believe OCW is making great strides as far as making the access of education a reality.” — Ali


“As a young student I was very interested in math and physics but for different reason in-areas ended up as physician. Now that I am retired I take the opportunity to dive in math and physics to my fullest desires and MIT OCW has been a wonderful resource.” — Anders


“As a graduate student & PhD scholar from IIT, I have extensively utilized the MIT resources. The support MIT faculty offers is beyond imagination. We believe just like basic needs, healthcare and education is our right, and OCW enables it for everyone.” — Anil


“As an MIT professor whose course is included (warts and all! - and in multiple incarnations) within OCW's extensive offering, it's gratifying to know that what I teach, and some sense of the way that I teach it, is made available much more widely.”   — George


“My life would not be the same without this unlimited access to the best-quality content in the world. Thanks MIT, keep it up!” — Germain


“Top quality course widely available to individual like me who would have no hope ever to attend in a distinguished establishment like MIT. I think what OCW Provides is remarkable. Unfortunately I‘m retired so do not have much money to donate. Thank you.” — Gyula


“Thank you to all professors and universities around the world for sharing your time and knowledge.”  — Jose Apache


“OCW is what inspired me to apply to MIT, and I am happy to support such a valuable resource for learning.”  — Lisa


“I've use OCW to continue my post-university learning. The high quality and challenging courses have allowed me to master the skills that facilitated my transition into Engineering!” — Logan


“Great materials. A truly amazing public service.” — Max


“The material available is truly invaluable! For both self learners and also anyone wanting increase their depth of knowledge.” — Peter


“I trust about if we help to contribute knowledge to other it would make the world better, and I trust the experience that came out from MIT. It's a good thing people should try to learn.” — Pratchaya


“I love technology and there are few institutes where cutting-edge research is being done. Where else do you go to learn but from the best?” — Ranajit


“For lifelong learners like me, OCW is an invaluable resource.  Plus, I get to brag that I'm getting an MIT education. :)” — Scott


“Thank you for sharing the gift of knowledge with those who need it but cannot afford to go to school.” — Serena


"Very nice of you to make MIT courses available to everyone in the world for free.   I am in physics, and my favourite course is Prof Mehran Kardar's Statistical Mechanics (8.333). " — Sowmya


"I am the most up to date 73 year old in the world because of OCW. Thanks. Seriously it is really fun to be allowed to be part of your university." — Terry


“OCW more than anything turns the internet from a cesspit of memes and mindless entertainment to a medium of education. In a time "fake news" and misinformation it is important that there are trusted sources of knowledge. That's why I support OCW.”  — Thor


“Let us learn anything and everything....keeping education not confined within the walls but spreading it out to people. I live miles apart but learn through such mediums everyday. Thanks for helping in my journey MIT!” — Triston


“Thank you for sharing OCW resources for free with everyone, and for all the remarkable ideas and products that have their origins from MIT and which have helped shaped and made the world a better place!”  — Wah Liang


“I was looking for a career change and wanted to see what my real interest level was in programming and computer science. I found OCW at went through the Intro to Computer Science course and really enjoyed it, leading me to pursue a CS Degree. Thankful.” — Zachary

Donors share their thoughts and reasons they believe OCW is worthwhile to support.

October 15, 2018

We are grateful to the 88 donors who decided to support OCW! Every week, we'll share their thoughts and reasons on why they believe OCW is worthwhile to support.



“OCW gave me access to the best course of calculus, 18.01SC and other material with high quality. OCW was substantial in my regular university course.” - Afranio


“I am an MIT grad, Class of '70 course XVIII and enjoy revisiting some of the courses I took as a student. OCW is a great service” - Andre


“When I was a PhD student, the video lecture series I finished  had inspired me so much that as a part-time lecturer I am trying to converge the perfection of the professors at MIT. Long live OCW !” - Şükrü


“Access to high quality education is important to us all.  MIT is at the apex of education. OCW provides an opportunity for those of us with a boundless interest in education to help others access content at MIT. ” - Clifton


“The information broadens my horizons and contributes insights in seemingly unrelated areas of knowledge and job practice.” - Daniel


“I’m a self taught software engineer. MIT materials have always been wonderful. Thank you all.” - Dru


“I donate because I think the vision of the OCW is one I share, and am happy to support. The value it delivers to people from all walks of life across the globe is priceless!” - Frank


“OCW provides a very usable interface to review requirements for completing specific courses as well as making it easy to access the course materials themselves.  I suspect the future of college level education will precipitate from such a format.” - Gary


“I have enjoyed many of your courses.” - Gholam


“OCW has provided some of the best courses and curriculum in the world for free, elevating my understanding of fascinating subjects to a level I never thought possible. I cannot thank OCW enough for the many ways it's advanced my academic career.” - Greg


“Retired and trying to understand some physics. ” - Jack


“"And if I have any left I buy food"- Erasmus” - jonathan


“I have learned so much on OCW so far, and I will learn more from OCW. In fact, practically all my math skills are learned from OCW. I am surprised MIT shared all their courses required to MIT CS major undergrads. Thank you so so much!” - Lizhong


“Education is the most effective way to improve quality of living ...OCW makes it available for virtually everybody .” - Nelson


“MIT OCW, along with other university open courses, allows me to learn computer science/data science in my free time, despite having no previous experience (physician).  ” - Robert


“Several decades ago I was a grad student at MIT, but I graduated the Institute deeply ignorant of so many things. I'm thankful that OCW has let me expand my horizons and learn at the same high level as its full-time students.” - Sam


“I often listen to courses in many subjects, specially mathematics and physics that I find a need to refresh !” - Sittampalam


“I am fortunate enough to obtain a good quality higher-level education. I still refer to OCW material from time to time, to whet my curiosity and appetite for learning. MIT is doing a commendable job by making its world-class content accessible to everyone” - sridhar


“Long-time fan of OCW. Whether I'm trying to feed my curiosity or satiate a deeper appetite for knowledge OCW has become a staple in my learning recipe; and in an increasingly competitive space, its staying power continues to prove its value.” - thomas


“Humanity has problems. I think we can reduce the time needed to solve our problems by increasing the people working on them. Open information gives us more people and better informs them. ” – Tyler



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