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MIT Spokes 2020

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MIT Spokes 2020

Please see our updates page about our summer plans because of COVID. Thanks for your support!


Who we are

Spokes is an MIT-based, non-profit, student-run initiative as part of an effort to rethink STEM education. We are a team of 8 students comprised of three freshmen, two sophomores, one junior, and two seniors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. We all came to MIT to pursue our passions in math, science, and humanities, but more importantly, we believe in sharing our knowledge with others to inspire future generations.


What we do

This summer, Spokes America is sending a team of 8 MIT students on a cross-country bike ride starting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and ending at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Over the course of 80 days, our team will bike over 3,500 miles and host Learning Festivals in small towns along the route. Our workshops and curriculum are inspired by MIT's hands-on approach to education, combining both elements of MIT's motto, Mens et Manus (Mind and Hand). 


Our campaign

Funds raised will serve to further our dream of encouraging children to follow theirs. We hope to enable young people across the country to better realize their own creative problem-solving potential, connect teachers to new teaching resources for science and technology, and challenge stereotypes about what it means to be an engineer. Funds will be spent on purchasing educational supplies and acquiring the necessities for our journey, like food, bikes, and camping equipment. In helping us to complete our journey, your contribution will enable us to spread our passion for STEM to students all over the country.


In donating to Spokes 2020, you’ll help us teach students all across the United States that STEM isn’t out of their reach.

If you want to get in touch with us or for more information, you can head on over to our website!  


Remember, your donations are tax deductible, and your company may be able to match your donation! Thank you so much for your support! 


Meet the Team!

Anthony Cheng '20


Charlotte Wickert '23
Cindy Si '20
Duha Syar '23
Jack Cook '22
Joa Kennedy '21
Noelle Kramer '23
Sophia Mittman '22
Our way
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Training Wheels

Recommended minimum donation. All donors will be thanked via email and put on our website!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020


Mountain Trail

For $25, receive a signed photo with your specified subset of Spokes members and a message at specified location doing a specific pose along our route, along with all above perks

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020



For $50, we'll send you a signed poster of this year's Spokes team, plus all perks above!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020


Iron Man

For $100, you'll receive a personalized video message at your specified location along our route, plus all perks above!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020


Vuelta a España

For $250, you'll receive a personalized souvenir of your choice (within reasonable budget/physical space limitations) from your specified location along our route, plus all perks above!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020


Giro d’Italia

For $500, you'll receive one of our official Spokes 2020 bike jerseys, plus all perks above!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020


Tour de France

For $1,000, you'll have the undivided attention of your choice of all or a subset of the team (depends on availability) via a video call or lunch during our trip, schedule permitting, plus all of the perks above!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2020
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