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LBGTQ @ MIT Fundraiser

Raised toward our $20,000 Goal
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LBGTQ @ MIT Fundraiser

Our Program

LBGTQ@MIT is an effort through the Division of Student Life.  Our mission is to ensure a safe and supportive campus-wide community where lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning individuals, and their allies are all welcomed as equals.


Now, more than ever, must we recognize our common interest in joining together for ongoing success and fostering safer spaces for our current and incoming students.  While this Crowd Funding video was prepared prior to the recent events in Orlando, its message of the range of needs, severity, and impact of LBGTQ support still holds true for many of our students, particularly those who hold multiple marginalized identities in a world that should welcome us all with compassionate embrace. 

Our resources and services have wide impact across the Institute:

  • We help to educate the MIT community about the diversity of our identities.
  • We practice and encourage open, honest, and respectful discussion.
  • In both policy and practice, we work to foster a safe, supportive, and equitable campus environment.
  • We work to build a community that welcomes all experiences and identities.
  • We collaborate with other groups and offices to address issues of social justice on campus including race, class, gender, gender identity, national origin, ability, and sexual orientation.
  • In support of the LBGTQ community, we advocate for diverse leadership at all levels of MIT.

What your support will do

LBGTQ students continue to be at a high risk for isolation, depression, and suicide, and many MIT community members still are lacking basic information and resources about LBGTQ issues. There also continues to be an increase in the demand for LBGTQ related student services and support on campus.

Unfortunately, we are lacking the funds we need to do this important work, and we need your help to keep these efforts at the forefront.

Our budget is modest, but our goals are huge. Please join us today by making a gift to LBGT Resources and Programming.

MIT graduates are leaders who work to change the world - they fight to end famine, global warming, cancer, and with your help, perhaps, homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia. Please help tomorrow's leaders by supporting a safe and welcoming campus environment that is free from discrimination and hate.

We thank you in advance for your support!

MIT is a 501(c)(3) institution, and your gift is tax-deductible within the limitations of U.S. federal income tax laws. Many companies also offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles the contribution to MIT. Click here to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.

Choose a giving level


1 MIT Pride Welcome T-shirt

Your gift of $10 will provide a T-Shirt for one student when they are welcomed to campus for the first time during orientation or when they want to march with the MIT group during the Boston Pride Parade.


Rainbow Lounge Library Update

Your gift of $25 will supply an updated book, movie, or magazine to the Rainbow Lounge library – a wealth of LBGTQ related resources on campus.



Your gift of $50 will provide nutritious snacks for any student who seeks the comfort and support of the Rainbow Lounge - to find community, access supportive resources, feel affirmed, or to just be in a warm and welcoming space.


LBGTQ Training Materials

Your gift of $100 will offer LBGTQ related training materials to MIT students, student leaders, staff, and faculty who want more education and awareness about LBGTQ identity.


Community Dinners and Events

Your gift of $250 will provide one of our community dinners events, including our Lazos events for trans and queer people of color, our our weekly dinners for LBGTQ+ and ally students in their first year at MIT including graduate students, transfers, and first-time undergraduates, or our bi-weekly Family Dinners open to all LBGTQ+ and ally community members.


1 Student Trip to Provincetown

Your gift of $500 will offer a spot to one of 40 students who attend our Annual LBGTQA Community Leadership Retreat to Provincetown in the fall.


Wellness Programming

Your gift of $1000 will help us offer valuable health and wellness related skill-building, resources, and services to students in need of self-care and those supporting others.


Lavender Graduation

Your gift of $5000 will help us honor all of our LBGTQA graduates of MIT during our annual Lavender Graduation Celebration. Lavender graduation is a recognition and celebration of our LBGTQ and Ally graduates at all levels - undergrad, grad, and PhD. The event features speakers from higher administration at MIT such as the Chancellor, VP, or ICEO as well as a featured faculty or staff speaker. A charge is read to the graduates and they are showered with praises and gifts - a plush MIT beaver wearing a rainbow lei and a rainbow tassel with the class year. Graduates are invited to say a few words, and their stories of surviving and thriving through MIT are always very powerful.


A Year of Community Dinners

Your gift of $10,000 will offer nourishment and support for the LBGTQ community during our LBGTQ+ Community Dinner Program. Some of the most important work that we do to affirm students identities, build community, and cultivate leadership happens over dinner. It is amazing what can happen when our community receives the nourishment they need both inside and out. A contribution at this level would cover all our annual expenses to run our Lazos events for trans and queer people of color, our LBGTQ First-Year Dinners, and our Family Dinners in the Rainbow Lounge all year round.


Provincetown Community Retreat

Your gift of $15,000 would provide empowerment to all 40 attendees of our annual LBGTQ+ Community Leadership Retreat to Provincetown. This annual retreat is a great chance for students, staff, faculty, and alumni participants to get off campus, meet other LBGTQ and allied members of the MIT community, and reflect on the intersections of sexual and gender identity with their personal and professional lives. The goal is that all who participate in this retreat will gain a better sense of community, intercultural perspectives, self-worth, knowledge of LBGTQ resources on campus, and have fun.

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