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Celebrate 15 years of open sharing

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Celebrate 15 years of open sharing


Dear Friend of OCW,

We are deeply grateful to the 1,346 people who participated in the OCW Gift Challenge.

Because of their donations, OCW will receive a total matching gift of $76,000 that will go a long way towards helping us make our content richer and more accessible to every learner in the world.

We know there are thousands of OCW visitors who do not have the means to donate, and our core mission is to provide access to exactly these audiences—educators in developing countries, workers displaced by financial crisis, homeschooling parents, independent learners unable to continue formal study.

But we are so very thankful to the OCW supporters who can afford to contribute because they help to sustain OCW and make it available to so many others.

Thank you for celebrating 15 years of open sharing.

With appreciation,

Cecilia d'Oliveira

Associate Dean of Digital Learning

MIT OpenCourseWare


2001 was a time of tremendous energy, and also great uncertainty, about the growth and impact of the Internet. The MIT faculty asked, “What impact will the Internet have on education, and what should MIT do about it?”

Their answer, in the form of MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), was a bold bet on the power of openly shared knowledge.

Fifteen years later, the 200 million learners and educators around the world who have used OCW are grateful for their foresight and generosity.

We invite you to celebrate 15 years of open sharing by participating in our Spring fundraising challenge.

We encourage you to be part of the 2,001 learners to donate to OCW and reaffirm to the world that open sharing has the power to:

We need your participation because we have a DOUBLE CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITY!  First, this is a participation challenge—we need 2,001 participants to meet our goal for this campaign. Second, every donation is being matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 by one of our generous sponsors, MathWorks.  Your support during this campaign gets us closer to the 2,001 participation goal AND doubles your financial support for OCW!

If you can afford to donate, please do so today. Thank you in advance for helping us reach our goal.

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